Above all passionate about cinema and fascinated by images, I have always structured my work around singular visual concepts and narrative. I spent three years in university studying film, and at the same time led many personal selfproduced projects with the signature of "Blanche hmwk". 
By creating the Hmwk collective at the age of 19, I was able to develop a constant search for creation from the very beginning. This has allowed me to have a pronounced taste for risk-taking, by trying new visual and narrative approaches. Coming from the world of music videos and documentaries, I pay particular attention to the artistic direction of each of my projects. For me, it is essential to work on the place that the viewer occupies in each of the films. 
I therefore work particularly around colours, styling, and the place of the camera in the scene, its movements. 
Today I develop commercial projects influenced by what makes the DNA of my work. I focus on telling brand stories, looking for ideas that are sometimes provocative, emotional and symbolic. 
I therefore like above all to find new narrative axes, for music videos, short films and brand films.
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